Color a Day Mask Kit

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* Update, we are out of stock. All existing kit orders will ship in December.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have felt a strong pull to be of service in whatever capacity we could. As a textile company with the ability to make cloth in small batches, we felt a moral responsibility to help with the urgent PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) shortage. We’ve teamed up with our artisan partners to create every day masks from their own homes. The masks are not medical grade, but if you don’t have an N95 mask or would like to extend the life of the one you do have, these masks are a good option for you. Fabric cloth masks, or N95’s if you can get one, are now recommended by the CDC to be worn every day by every one. Medical workers can use these to protect and extend the life of their N95’s by covering them and washing daily.

We wrestled with the decision to sell the masks or give them away. Ultimately we decided to sell them, not for profit, but rather to fund the production of more masks --- until the need for masks is met.  For every mask sold, we will also donate one to someone working on the front lines or to someone who is vulnerable. Any profit that is left over after the donation will go back into production of more masks. 

Throughout the last month we have been seeing the “Rainbow Windows” pop up all over the world. This started in Europe as a way for children to connect from the isolation of their homes, to each other. They created rainbow artwork to hang in their windows so that other kids could see them when they go out for walks or drives. A simple and beautiful gesture of connectivity and brightness in dark times which has now spread world wide. As we walk the streets with our children, we love looking for the rainbows in the windows and are always moved by the look on our son’s face when he sees this familiar and happy symbol before him, just as he painted and hung in our window. This has re-instilled in us a sense of hope, beauty, fun, togetherness, and joy. We were so moved by this global project we decided to dedicate the collection to it. We hope that by wearing our masks, you will not only feel a bit more protected, but will also feel uplifted by the symbolic value of hope that we feel every time we see a rainbow.  

Color a Day Mask Kit:

Is it just us or has it been difficult to keep track of the days during this sheltering in place? The different colored stitching on each mask is intended to encourage us to wash our masks daily, (which is what the CDC recommends), as well as to serve as a friendly and gentle reminder for what day of the week it is.

  • Collection includes 7 different masks to be worn every single day of the week.  The colors are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet, Magenta
  • 100% organic cotton
  • 2 layers of fabric
  • 2 ties made of strong cotton cording for easy and secure adjustment
  • Machine washable on cold or hand wash with warm soapy water, we recommend using a mesh bag for delicates if machine washing.
  • For every Kit sold, we will donate a Kit to a healthcare provider or someone in need
  • Not medical grade

If you are a healthcare professional and need a mask for yourself or your team, or represent a vulnerable community (ie. nursing homes, homeless shelters, social workers) please email so we can arrange a donation.

*Please note that we only made a small run to start and expect them to sell out quickly. We are working with our sewers to keep making more as fast as we can. This is totally new territory for us, so please bare with us as we are evolving to improve and iterate the design as we learn more daily.  Kids sizes coming soon.