Pom-Pom Mobile


This is one of our classic and most beloved items. A hand made, one of a kind pom-pom mobile. Every pom-pom is carefully crafted, trimmed and then beaded onto a garland to create this sculptural, delicate, and ethereal work of art. Each piece of wood used is collected by Dana and her family as they travel to various beaches and trails mostly in Northern California, but also from around the world. These work so beautifully for nurseries, kids rooms, or to lift up any space. They make wonderful gifts and lovely heirlooms. They can be hung on a wall as a wall hanging, in front of a window, or suspended from the ceiling. Custom orders available upon request, just email us. 

Please note: Each piece is totally unique, so differences will occur. That is part of the beauty of these and one of the things we love most about them. We embrace those variations and our hope is that you will too. This price and image correspond to the number of pom-poms and the size of branch/wood.

Care Instructions:

These are very fragile and delicate pieces. We advise to carefully open them upon delivery and then get them hung up as soon as possible. Minimal man handling and keep away from small children and pets. If hung in a nursery, please hang out of child's reach.


Wood, wool, acrylic, various yarns and threads, beads