Treasures 3


Watercolor on paper 

24” x 36”

This body of work explores the meditative and transcendent feelings that emerge when beachcombing and treasure-hunting with my children. These special moments are the ones that I want to remember. As a parent, one is often pulled in a million directions, so that sometimes the simple act of looking for stones, patterns, or colors within rock groupings with the kids can feel like an act of perfect newness. To engage with the earth and at once forget  about life’s demands — even for just a moment — is both soothing, refreshing and something itself to treasure. I honor these sacred moments by tuning into the subtle frequencies of their micro-details,  exploring each pebble, stone, or object as a world unto its own. With all the chaos that raising young children entails, it’s easy to let these fleeting memories slip through the cracks. Instead, I choose  to zoom in on them, celebrate them, and remember them forever. A way to etch my love into stone.

Framing is available at an additional $300.00 email if you want this option.